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Revolutionising Water Utility Infrastructure

Enhance Efficiency, Minimise Downtime, and Optimise System Performance with Insertion Valves

Insertion valves are a groundbreaking innovation in the water utility industry, providing a highly efficient and reliable solution for under-pressure pipeline maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. These advanced valve systems offer numerous benefits to water utility companies, helping them maintain uninterrupted service, increase operational efficiency, and reduce costs.



AVT EZ Valve insertion valve
Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve insertion valve

What is an Insertion Valve?

An insertion valve is a specially designed valve system that can be installed on an existing pressurised water main without disrupting the flow of water. This unique technology allows utility companies to isolate a section of the pipeline for maintenance or repairs while keeping the rest of the system fully operational. Insertion valves are versatile and can be used on a wide range of pipe materials, diameters, and pressure ratings.

Key Benefits of Insertion Valves for Water Utility Companies:

  1. Minimised Service Interruptions: One of the most significant advantages of insertion valves is their ability to maintain water flow during installation and maintenance. This feature is invaluable for water utility companies, as it helps reduce service interruptions and ensures the continuous supply of clean water to customers.

  2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Insertion valves streamline the process of pipeline maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. By allowing utilities to isolate and work on specific sections of the pipeline without shutting down the entire system, these valves significantly reduce downtime, labour costs, and equipment requirements.

  3. Improved Safety: Traditional pipeline maintenance methods often require extensive excavation and large-scale shutdowns, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. With insertion valves, utility companies can avoid these hazards, creating a safer working environment for employees and reducing the potential for property damage.

  4. Reduced Water Loss: Insertion valves enable water utilities to minimise water loss during maintenance and repairs. By allowing the system to remain operational, these valves prevent the need for extensive water drainage, ultimately conserving this precious resource and reducing the associated costs.

  5. Versatility and Compatibility: Insertion valves are designed to work with a wide variety of pipe materials, diameters, and pressure ratings. This adaptability makes them an ideal choice for water utility companies looking to upgrade their infrastructure or expand their service offerings.

Insertion valves have revolutionised the way water utility companies approach pipeline maintenance and repairs, offering a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solution. By investing in insertion valve technology, water utilities can optimise system performance, reduce downtime, and ensure a consistent and reliable supply of clean water to their customers.


Get the Best of Both Worlds:  Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve and AVT EZ Valve Insertion Services by Utilities Support Engineering Limited

Expert Installation Services for the Industry's Leading Insertion Valves

At Utilities Support Engineering Limited, we are proud to offer our clients top-notch installation services for two of the industry's most advanced insertion valve systems - the Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve and the AVT EZ Valve. Our highly skilled team of engineers is ready to help you optimise your clean water infrastructure, ensuring seamless operation and reduced downtime.

Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve: Reliable, Efficient, and Durable

The Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve provides a dependable and efficient solution for under-pressure pipe maintenance and repairs. Designed for long-lasting performance, the Insta-Valve is perfect for utilities looking to minimise service interruptions and maintain water quality during crucial repair work. With our expert installation, you can trust that your Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve will provide years of reliable service.

AVT EZ Valve: Innovative, Environmentally Friendly, and Easy-to-Install

Utilities Support Engineering Limited is proud to offer installation services for the cutting-edge AVT EZ Valve insertion system. This innovative valve design allows for quick and easy insertion without the need for heavy equipment or extensive excavation. The EZ Valve's environmentally friendly design also helps to minimise water waste during installation and maintenance, making it an intelligent choice for utilities prioritising sustainability.


Why Choose Utilities Support Engineering Limited for Your Insertion Valve Installation?

When you partner with Utilities Support Engineering Limited, you benefit from our:

  1. Extensive Industry Experience: Our team of qualified engineers has decades of combined experience in the clean water industry, ensuring your insertion valve installation is completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

  2. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: We understand the importance of seamless operation for your utility, which is why we are dedicated to providing timely, professional service with minimal disruptions to your system.

  3. Comprehensive Support: Our installation services include detailed site assessments, system integration, and thorough post-installation support to guarantee optimal performance from your Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve or AVT EZ Valve.

Don't wait any longer to upgrade your clean water infrastructure with the industry's most advanced insertion valve systems. Contact Utilities Support Engineering Limited today and let our team of experts help you achieve greater efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in your utility operations.

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