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Linestopping, is technique used to temporarily halt the flow of water in water mains without disrupting service to customers. This technique is widely employed during maintenance, repair, or replacement of pipes and fittings in water distribution systems. By using linestopping, we can perform necessary work on the pipeline while minimising water loss, service disruption, and the need for system-wide shutdowns.

At Utilities Support Engineering, we offer innovative techniques to effectively isolate water mains up to DN600 (24") for both planned and emergency situations. Our expertise includes providing professional line stopping services for metallic, PVC, and asbestos cement pipelines. Our line stopping approach is tailored to each project's unique requirements, taking into account factors such as bore size, materials, pressures, and flow dynamics. Our goal is to deliver a seamless solution that enables water main repair or maintenance without the need for extensive network shutdowns and drain-downs.

Our experienced team thoroughly assesses each job to determine the most effective method. We prioritise health and safety at every stage of the project, implementing best practices, rigorous training, and thorough risk assessments to protect our team, customers, and anyone affected by our work.

At Utilities Support Engineering, we are committed to providing top-quality linestopping services that minimise disruptions and ensure the safety of all parties involved. Trust us to deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions for your water main isolation needs

400mm 16" Linestop
Expert Linestopping Solutions for Water Mains
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