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USE employ a number of techniques to provide both planned and emergency isolation of water mains of up to DN400 (16"). These methods include:


We provide "Line Stopping" services on all metallic and asbestos cement pipelines up to DN 400 (16")

Our Line Stopping technique varies depending on bore size, materials, pressures and flow dynamics but all methods are essentially a mechanical intervention to the flow of water; allowing water mains to be repaired or worked on without an extensive network shut and drain-down. 

We assess every job individually to ensure the best possible method is employed and have dedicated health and safety managers and technical planners to ensure every possible risk is eliminated, both to operatives involved in the operation and others affected by the work.

Pre-chlorinated bypass hoses are ready for use on every job and larger bypass pipework can be fabricated and chlorinated on-site to any dimension or length required, resulting in no loss of supply to consumers.


We use a simple but effective technique, utilizing the cryogenic properties of liquid nitrogen, to freeze mains up to 6" in diameter. A common application of this technique is the replacement of defective fire hydrants, but it can also be used in situations such as valve/stopcock replacements. This method is reliable and efficient and is able to be applied even when space is limited and other methods would fail; including bends, tapers and irregular pipe shape.

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