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We offer a pipeline inspection service using dedicated clean equipment; all water contacting parts are BS6920 / WRAS approved. Our systems can operate in live water mains with working pressures of up to 10 bar and can be inserted live, without the need to drain down the pipework or interrupt supply. 


We have a selection of CCTV cameras, from simple push rod to long-range self-propelled crawlers, all of which are approved for potable water and which can be inserted, under-pressure, into live water mains. These record detailed HD colour images of the interior of the pipe, and can provide valuable information about the interior condition of pipes as well as helping to identify the location of missing assets.


Our advanced hydrophones are inserted into pipes in a similar way to our CCTV cameras and provide detailed acoustic feedback which enables the operator to accurately locate leaks of any size, in pipes of any diameter or material. 

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